Embezzlement Defense Lawyers

Being accused of embezzlement is a life changing event in a number of ways. Not only are you accused of a serious criminal offense, but very likely your entire livelihood is at stake, your employment, and your future.

If you are facing an embezzlement charge, I know you are under tremendous stress and pressure. It is important for you to fully understand the charge you face, and all of the legal options available to you, so you can take control of this difficult problem as much as possible.

Please take advantage of a free legal consultation to determine the legal defense options you have that apply directing to the facts of your specific case and situation.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is taking money, services or property for yourself or your own benefit when you are legally entrusted to possess, manage or watch it for someone else.

The typical embezzlement case involved an employee stealing from an employer or other organization for which the person is financially entrusted.

It can be as simple as stealing some petty cash or a few office supplies, or as complicated as a sustained effort to steal money by transferring cash out of business accounts for your personal use.

Many convicted embezzlers admit that they took some money due to a temporary financial difficulty. Many even say they fully intended to pay it back. But after not getting caught initially, it becomes easier to keep taking money, and you keep digging a bigger hole that becomes impossible to get out of.

Embezzlement Penalties

Embezzlement is a criminal offense that is categorized as a theft or fraud charge. Typically, the penalties are the similar as those of a theft/larceny offense.

The amount of money allegedly embezzled determines the seriousness of the potential penalties, and whether the offense is a misdemeanor or felony level charge.

The act of embezzlement may encompass a number of different legal charges, including, theft, larceny, fraud, forgery, identity theft, bad checks, credit card fraud, and other white collar criminal charges. There are different statutes under state laws that cover embezzlement and related financial theft, and there could be other charges if you are prosecuted in federal court for crimes across state lines.

Embezzlement Defense Strategies

In any criminal case, the defense options boil down to fighting the charge, or working out a plea deal.

Fighting the charges can mean taking the case all the way to trial, or merely working a strong defensive stance, and filing extensive legal  motions to challenge all of the evidence in the state’s case against you. If the evidence proving you committed a crime is weak, or can be legally undermined, you may have cause for a dismissal.

Working out an agreement to plead guilty can involve negotiations for a lesser charge, working out an arrangement for restitution, or simply cutting your losses and risk if you believe you are guilty and probably can’t win.

Deciding whether to fight or plead guilty can be a tough decision. It is something you want to do after extensive discussion with your lawyer. You want to fully understand all of the pros and cons, and how that outcome will affect the rest of your life.

Whatever the facts, of your specific embezzlement charge, in makes sense to get a full case evaluation from a defense attorney experienced with defending embezzlement charges.

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