Family Members Upset by Embezzlement

by dmatson on January 5, 2010

A Family “squabble” lead to a felony embezzlement charge, and a jail term for one Michigan woman.

In a family embezzlement case in Michigan, the woman is accused of stealing over $100,000 from her parents estate while entrusted with her Alzheimer’s stricken mother’s finances.

The defense argues that it was an honest mistake, and the woman erred in overcompensating herself for the guardian responsibilities she had assumed. The daughter claims there was no criminal intent in compensating herself from these funds.

The rest of the family disagrees, and is upset with the prosecutors for reducing the charges to where she will only face 0 to 9 months in jail, instead of a minimum of 3 years in prison.

Embezzlement by and among family members is much more common than people realize. Families often have legal financial responsibilities to each other in the form of estates, join investments, trusts, powers of attorney, and, of course, marriage and divorce agreements, alimony, child support, etc.

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